Recruiting in Civvy Street: An employer`s guide to taking on military veterans.

During our research for the first book “Signposts for Civvy Street” we interviewed several military veterans to enable us to understand some of the challenges of resettling on Civvy Street. One of these veterans suggested that we work on another book that focuses on information for civilian employers. The more we considered the contents for this book, the more it seemed to make sense.

So, “Recruiting in Civvy Street: An employer`s guide to taking on military veterans” was born. This book is aimed at people responsible for recruiting and employing staff in any organisation and business. In the book we discuss some of the valuable skill sets that our military veterans possess when leaving the forces and how these might be useful in the civilian employment arena. We also interview some employers or their representatives who are responsible for recruiting, to try to understand their perspective of employing people who have been in the military.

We investigate some of the perceived benefits and limitations of recruiting ex-military personnel and offer some suggestions of how the limitations can be addressed. Although the book is aimed at employers, it would also be useful for military leavers in that it will provide information on employers expectations and reservations.

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